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Student council meetings plan

Tue 7 Aug - 14:53 by Matthew Williams

Congratulation to our new Student council!
President: Alfred Franklin Jones
Vice-President: Gilbert Beilschmidt
Secretary: Matthew Williams
Treasurer: Mei-Mei Wang

First meeting plan; Getting to know each others, create a work plan together, schedule other meetings, start discussing ways to improve the school.
The Meeting will take place on Sunday, then you will be free to organize it yourself.

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Student council elections

Mon 30 Jul - 20:46 by Matthew Williams

EDIT: Congratulation to Alfred for becoming president!

Every student willing to run for the Student council elections will have to give a small speech on their motivation; They also will have a week to convince people to vote for them.
The winner of the elections will become president, while the second best will assist him as vice president.
You may run for the treasurer and secretary post separately.

((post your "speech" here and rp out your promotion! people who didn't post said IC speech will not be considered as running up for a post. You will be asked to vote IC for who you think your character would vote for on Sunday. Teachers can't vote.))

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School's rules

Tue 12 Jun - 14:12 by Admin

Following are our school's rules; we expect all students to follow them. Going against them will cause an immediate sanction. Severe offenses may result in expulsions.

1) Uniforms are mandatory on school's grounds. While we do allow students to alter them in some ways, we do ask of them they keep it close to the original. Skirts have to fall at least mid-thighs.

2)Violence is not allowed in any cases. Verbal violence, bullying, or fights will not be tolerated and will be faced with severe punishments.

3) Alcohol, weapons or drugs are not allowed on school grounds. This includes personal multi function knives or cigarettes.

4) Teachers will check the dorms after the curfew; past 10PM everyone is meant to be in their respective rooms, sleeping.

5) Male students aren't allowed in the girl's dorms, Female students aren't allowed in the boy's dorms.

6)Respect your teachers and environment. Mocking a teacher or littering will be punished.

7) Students are allowed to go in town, but not out of it. Please act like responsible people and stay out of trouble there.

8) Skipping classes is forbidden. You may miss classes if you get a note from the infirmary.

9) Students are not allowed in the teacher's lounge; they also have to ask permission before using any classroom out of class times.

((Those rules are the school's rule, IC; of course you're allowed to not follow them but know it will have consequences IC too. If a student really earns themselves an expulsion, since we don't want to kick rper out for that, we will find a way to come back or stay, don't worry!))

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Genderbent Appilication - Fem Hong Kong

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Genderbent Appilication - Fem Hong Kong Empty Genderbent Appilication - Fem Hong Kong

Post by Guest on Thu 17 Nov - 7:46

Genderbent Appilication - Fem Hong Kong Untitled-3

OC Name: Chén Lei (Lei Chén – Western Style)

Country representing: Hong Kong (Genderbent)

Age: 25

Student or teacher?: Teacher

Teaches: Music and Child Studies


Lei is a woman of few words, often keeping her thoughts to herself unless she feels it necessary. When she does speak though, she does so as a teenager, not on purpose, she just spends a lot of time around younger people and there for, has picked up their way of speaking.

She can be a rather cynical woman, often coming across as cruel to those she either hates or really likes; it can be hard to tell with her. Lei has a tendency to mercilessly tease, pick on and make like a living hell for those she has romantic feelings for, which will most likely, be a girl, due to her sexuality.

Lei has a great interest in fashion, mainly on other people instead of herself. She is the type of woman who would spend hours window shopping on her own or with a friend, dressing them up, but never really trying on or buying anything herself.

She has an odd dislike for British people, holding a grudge against a British boy who, when she was a child, she swears cursed her with thick eyebrows, which she has to pluck and have shaped constantly.

Lei has an odd love for fireworks too, loving the loud noises and bright colours they make. They fascinate her far too much though, seeing as how she carries the small ones around in her pockets and sets them off on people she doesn’t like... or likes.

She has a great love for both music and children as well. Lei loves the innocence and cuteness that comes with children, wishing one day to have many of her own. With music, she finds it calming and soothing, preferring soft ballads and classics over pop and rock and such, though still being able to enjoy it.


She has long, shinning hair of a very dark shade of brown that she likes to leave out unless sleeping or in deep concentration, in which case, she ties it back in a tight bun. Her eyes are a deep amber, rather dull making her often appear bored. Her skin is rather pale and fair, making her burn easy in the sun. It’s kept smooth and soft with many skin lotions.

She likes to wear traditional Chinese wear, normally Cheongsams. Red and White are the colours Lei likes to wear the best, and enjoys floral and nature themed patterns. In her hair she often has a hairclip with a decorated piece hanging from it.

History (to see how you translate the country's actual history into your character's background):

Lei spent her childhood, happily growing up with her Mother in China, in a small house in the south. Her Mother was from Hong Kong and for many years, life was peaceful. They were rather poor and didn’t have much, but they were happy and always got by.

That was until, her Father one day returned, getting into a terrible fight with her Mother, which ended with Lei ending up in her Father’s custody. He was a British man and he took her back to England with him. He was a rich man and provided her with whatever she wished but generally paid no attention to her.

He kept her with him from when she was 8 until she was 12, when he was deemed unfit to keep her due to neglect and was forced into parenting classes and was given to her Japanese Uncle for two years, until he cleaned up his act and she was returned to him for two more years. It was then that her Mother came back into her life, having finally saved enough money to come to her and having found where she lived, reclaiming her daughter after a more peaceful argument this time. Her parents made peace then, now getting along wonderfully after talking things out.

They decided to all stay in England, with her Father’s help her Mother was able to gain citizenship. There Lei spent the rest of her days, studying hard to become the teacher she is today.

Roleplay sample (minimum 200 words):

Lei eyed the school with a bored expression, eyes scanning over the building, as though judging the very walls themselves. The place seemed nice, a little loud but it was a school. Nothing burning and no fighting, good, good... She nodded swiftly, pulling her bag behind her as she made her way to her dorm, barely sparing the room a glance as she threw her bag inside, deciding to look it though later. After all, she had more important things to do right now.

“Now... the teacher’s lounge...” Lei muttered to herself as she strutted down the halls and around the corner, curtly greeting the students she passed on the way with greetings such as “Hey” and “Yo”, inwardly smiling as she saw a particularly nice dress on one of the older students, appreciating her sense of fashion. Lei shook her head, pulling her gaze away from the students and forcing her mind back to the task at hand.

With a little sigh she arrived at the door, kicking the door open with a little smirk, pushing her hair back out of her face. The other teachers turned and stared, some wide eyed, others disinterested and peeved. Lei cleared her throat, before placing her hands on her hips and speaking in a bored, clear voice. “I’m Chen Lei, I’ll, like, be teaching here from now on!”

Her eyes flickered over to a woman clutching a math text book, who quickly told her off for not only kicking the door open, but for interrupting an important meeting too. Lei just stared at her, before walking over and flicking her forehead and stealing her glasses, slipping them onto her own face and walking away with a satisfied smirk. That woman had been very cute and she’d have to come find her if she wanted her glasses back...

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Genderbent Appilication - Fem Hong Kong Empty Re: Genderbent Appilication - Fem Hong Kong

Post by Gilbert Beilschmidt on Fri 18 Nov - 15:32

Awesome app! Your accepted!
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