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Student council meetings plan

Tue 7 Aug - 14:53 by Matthew Williams

Congratulation to our new Student council!
President: Alfred Franklin Jones
Vice-President: Gilbert Beilschmidt
Secretary: Matthew Williams
Treasurer: Mei-Mei Wang

First meeting plan; Getting to know each others, create a work plan together, schedule other meetings, start discussing ways to improve the school.
The Meeting will take place on Sunday, then you will be free to organize it yourself.

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Student council elections

Mon 30 Jul - 20:46 by Matthew Williams

EDIT: Congratulation to Alfred for becoming president!

Every student willing to run for the Student council elections will have to give a small speech on their motivation; They also will have a week to convince people to vote for them.
The winner of the elections will become president, while the second best will assist him as vice president.
You may run for the treasurer and secretary post separately.

((post your "speech" here and rp out your promotion! people who didn't post said IC speech will not be considered as running up for a post. You will be asked to vote IC for who you think your character would vote for on Sunday. Teachers can't vote.))

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School's rules

Tue 12 Jun - 14:12 by Admin

Following are our school's rules; we expect all students to follow them. Going against them will cause an immediate sanction. Severe offenses may result in expulsions.

1) Uniforms are mandatory on school's grounds. While we do allow students to alter them in some ways, we do ask of them they keep it close to the original. Skirts have to fall at least mid-thighs.

2)Violence is not allowed in any cases. Verbal violence, bullying, or fights will not be tolerated and will be faced with severe punishments.

3) Alcohol, weapons or drugs are not allowed on school grounds. This includes personal multi function knives or cigarettes.

4) Teachers will check the dorms after the curfew; past 10PM everyone is meant to be in their respective rooms, sleeping.

5) Male students aren't allowed in the girl's dorms, Female students aren't allowed in the boy's dorms.

6)Respect your teachers and environment. Mocking a teacher or littering will be punished.

7) Students are allowed to go in town, but not out of it. Please act like responsible people and stay out of trouble there.

8) Skipping classes is forbidden. You may miss classes if you get a note from the infirmary.

9) Students are not allowed in the teacher's lounge; they also have to ask permission before using any classroom out of class times.

((Those rules are the school's rule, IC; of course you're allowed to not follow them but know it will have consequences IC too. If a student really earns themselves an expulsion, since we don't want to kick rper out for that, we will find a way to come back or stay, don't worry!))

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[WIP] Antonio Fernandez Carriedo (Application)

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[WIP] Antonio Fernandez Carriedo (Application) Empty [WIP] Antonio Fernandez Carriedo (Application)

Post by Antonio F. Carriedo on Fri 26 Apr - 12:09

For an existing character

Name: Antonio Fernandez Carriedo

Country representing: Spain (El pais de la passion ~ )

Age: 24

Student or teacher? Teacher ~

If a teacher, what do they teach? (please make sure it's not taken.): Spanish

Personality (mostly to see your characterization):

Antonio is the kind of guy who can't be angry. Don't even try! No one knows how he does it but Antonio has the power to control himself, even if you insult or kick him. He has a carefree and happy personality, like a child. And he loves children. He loves them so much he became a teacher in the prestigious Gakuen Hetalia, to share his good mood and happiness. So, he seems to be a... hmh, a moron? Yeah, when you have Antonio in front of you, you just want to slap him and to make that so stupid smile vanish!

So, he is as stupid as you think? No. Antonio can be serious when the circumstance needs it. If you need help, if you are sad or if you just want to talk, he will listen you with kindliness. Antonio is like a big brother, but without autority. And he will have difficulty being respected by his classroom, but he will do his best because Antonio is optimist! You have to do many thing to get him depressed ! But if it happened... run for your life!

From his spanish origin, Antonio loves "fiesta" and "siesta", so he is a little lazy. He prefers to sleep under the sun than to work. In these moment, just shout at him and he will move his (dat) ass. Globaly, Antonio is not a capricious person: he likes simple thing of life. Give him a tomato and he will make you his best-friend! Tomato and Antonio... A story of love. For the spaniard, it is the most delicious fruit of the world. He can take hours to cook it!

Roleplay sample (minimum 200 words):

Antonio was born in Spain. It's not a surprise, but he really love his country. His childhood was unexceptional; his parents was gentle without being overliberal, with a possessive mother and a macho father. But in spite of some bad memories, Antonio grown in a healthy family and he was a lovely child.

Things became wrong in his adolescence.

Maybe it was because his friends who had a bad influence on him, maybe because this english men who pissed him off. Antonio still was a nice guy with girl and his friends, but he was really scared with people he didn't like. Violent and a little sadistic, he had a lot of problem because his attitude. He also was a epicurean, with both men and women, careless and full of lust, many of his "victims" cursed him. Nevertheless, his schooling in high school and college was not effected by his laziness and he was graduate without problem.

After these years, he decided to take a small job to take a break. During a few of years, he was in charge of a little italian boy to give him sense of responsability. The child was temperamental and made his life a misery, but Antonio resisted and he ended up loving him. When the young boy didn't need him any more, Antonio wanted to continue to taking care of child.

So he went to the World Academy to teaching the Spanish

Are you over 18: Yes

Have you rped on a forum/Skype before (to know how much assistance you may need so we don't get irritated too quickly): Forum, yes, but only in french (so sorry for mistake ;w; )

How do you feel about your character(s)? I love him (Mmhhh... dat ass =w= ) but I used to play Romano, so it is a new experience for me ^^
Antonio F. Carriedo
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[WIP] Antonio Fernandez Carriedo (Application) Empty Re: [WIP] Antonio Fernandez Carriedo (Application)

Post by Gilbert Beilschmidt on Mon 3 Jun - 22:07

Love the app so I will accept you Smile Welcome !

Dear America,
we've got too much artsy stuff in´╗┐ our country. Here, have a giant statue.
Sincerely, France.
Gilbert Beilschmidt
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