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Student council meetings plan

Tue 7 Aug - 14:53 by Matthew Williams

Congratulation to our new Student council!
President: Alfred Franklin Jones
Vice-President: Gilbert Beilschmidt
Secretary: Matthew Williams
Treasurer: Mei-Mei Wang

First meeting plan; Getting to know each others, create a work plan together, schedule other meetings, start discussing ways to improve the school.
The Meeting will take place on Sunday, then you will be free to organize it yourself.

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Student council elections

Mon 30 Jul - 20:46 by Matthew Williams

EDIT: Congratulation to Alfred for becoming president!

Every student willing to run for the Student council elections will have to give a small speech on their motivation; They also will have a week to convince people to vote for them.
The winner of the elections will become president, while the second best will assist him as vice president.
You may run for the treasurer and secretary post separately.

((post your "speech" here and rp out your promotion! people who didn't post said IC speech will not be considered as running up for a post. You will be asked to vote IC for who you think your character would vote for on Sunday. Teachers can't vote.))

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School's rules

Tue 12 Jun - 14:12 by Admin

Following are our school's rules; we expect all students to follow them. Going against them will cause an immediate sanction. Severe offenses may result in expulsions.

1) Uniforms are mandatory on school's grounds. While we do allow students to alter them in some ways, we do ask of them they keep it close to the original. Skirts have to fall at least mid-thighs.

2)Violence is not allowed in any cases. Verbal violence, bullying, or fights will not be tolerated and will be faced with severe punishments.

3) Alcohol, weapons or drugs are not allowed on school grounds. This includes personal multi function knives or cigarettes.

4) Teachers will check the dorms after the curfew; past 10PM everyone is meant to be in their respective rooms, sleeping.

5) Male students aren't allowed in the girl's dorms, Female students aren't allowed in the boy's dorms.

6)Respect your teachers and environment. Mocking a teacher or littering will be punished.

7) Students are allowed to go in town, but not out of it. Please act like responsible people and stay out of trouble there.

8) Skipping classes is forbidden. You may miss classes if you get a note from the infirmary.

9) Students are not allowed in the teacher's lounge; they also have to ask permission before using any classroom out of class times.

((Those rules are the school's rule, IC; of course you're allowed to not follow them but know it will have consequences IC too. If a student really earns themselves an expulsion, since we don't want to kick rper out for that, we will find a way to come back or stay, don't worry!))

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Jones, Alfred Franklin

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Jones, Alfred Franklin Empty Jones, Alfred Franklin

Post by Coolest on Sun 29 Jul - 17:55

Name: Alfred Franklin Jones

Country representing: The United States of America

Age: 17

Student or teacher? Student

Personality (mostly to see your characterization)
Alfred’s strongest and, ultimately, most obnoxious qualities are his stubborn and competitive ways. He’ll find a competition in anything and make sure he comes out the winner. Because of this, he struggles to find friends who can handle him for longer than ten minutes at a time. With his lack of consideration for how much of a nuisance he is to others, people believe him to be unable to read the atmosphere – but, that’s not the case at all, Alfred just chooses not to pay attention to it (after all, it’s kind of a bummer when you realize everyone hates you). Finally, Alfred is, surprisingly, reserved with his feelings. He’s quick to smile and tell a joke, but refuses to let others know when he’s truly upset, masking any of his ‘bad’ feelings with a bright smile. People tend to see Alfred as someone who doesn’t care if he’s around people or not, either way he’d just be talking to himself because he likes the sound of his own voice, right? In truth, Alfred gets incredibly lonely.

Roleplay sample (minimum 200 words)
That was the only way one could describe the atrocious attempts at ‘art’ that littered Alfred’s desk. Crappy stick figures with awkward clothing and disproportionate heads ran along the tabletop, armed with blocky machine guns and bazookas that looked more like mechanical hot dogs than weapons. A mini war was taking place in front of him, bullets flying everything, shells littering the ground and fallen stick figures scattered throughout the scene.
“Ratatatata~” He whispered to himself, dotting little almond-shaped bullets that shot out of the machine gun into another stick figure, who flew back, a scribble of lead-blood coming out of the thin body. “Oh noo~ I had so much to live for!” He voiced for him, giving the stick figure two small X’s for eyes. “Urgle-bleghnnnfffaaa.” He whispered the stick figure’s final words- or more accurately, noises.
Grinning, he lift up his now-blunt pencil and fully examined the finished work. He felt accomplished; it looked pretty damned good in his opinion. He paused, before drawing an American flag over the ‘winners’ of the battle, and a communist on the flag over the fallen bodies. He stared down at it, before letting out a snort and a satisfied nod. “America, hoo-rah.”


Are you over 18: Yes

Have you rped on a forum/Skype before: Yes~

How do you feel about your character(s)? I really do enjoy Alfred/America, his personality is very fun to work with. I really enjoy the different ways his personality can be made and the fact there are so many dimensions to the character. He’s a character I find very easily to like, but also with enough flaws that he can still be frustrating. To me he’s realistic and that’s what draws me to him the most.

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Jones, Alfred Franklin Empty Re: Jones, Alfred Franklin

Post by Matthew Williams on Sun 29 Jul - 17:59

Welcome back |D

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