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Student council meetings plan

Tue 7 Aug - 14:53 by Matthew Williams

Congratulation to our new Student council!
President: Alfred Franklin Jones
Vice-President: Gilbert Beilschmidt
Secretary: Matthew Williams
Treasurer: Mei-Mei Wang

First meeting plan; Getting to know each others, create a work plan together, schedule other meetings, start discussing ways to improve the school.
The Meeting will take place on Sunday, then you will be free to organize it yourself.

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Student council elections

Mon 30 Jul - 20:46 by Matthew Williams

EDIT: Congratulation to Alfred for becoming president!

Every student willing to run for the Student council elections will have to give a small speech on their motivation; They also will have a week to convince people to vote for them.
The winner of the elections will become president, while the second best will assist him as vice president.
You may run for the treasurer and secretary post separately.

((post your "speech" here and rp out your promotion! people who didn't post said IC speech will not be considered as running up for a post. You will be asked to vote IC for who you think your character would vote for on Sunday. Teachers can't vote.))

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School's rules

Tue 12 Jun - 14:12 by Admin

Following are our school's rules; we expect all students to follow them. Going against them will cause an immediate sanction. Severe offenses may result in expulsions.

1) Uniforms are mandatory on school's grounds. While we do allow students to alter them in some ways, we do ask of them they keep it close to the original. Skirts have to fall at least mid-thighs.

2)Violence is not allowed in any cases. Verbal violence, bullying, or fights will not be tolerated and will be faced with severe punishments.

3) Alcohol, weapons or drugs are not allowed on school grounds. This includes personal multi function knives or cigarettes.

4) Teachers will check the dorms after the curfew; past 10PM everyone is meant to be in their respective rooms, sleeping.

5) Male students aren't allowed in the girl's dorms, Female students aren't allowed in the boy's dorms.

6)Respect your teachers and environment. Mocking a teacher or littering will be punished.

7) Students are allowed to go in town, but not out of it. Please act like responsible people and stay out of trouble there.

8) Skipping classes is forbidden. You may miss classes if you get a note from the infirmary.

9) Students are not allowed in the teacher's lounge; they also have to ask permission before using any classroom out of class times.

((Those rules are the school's rule, IC; of course you're allowed to not follow them but know it will have consequences IC too. If a student really earns themselves an expulsion, since we don't want to kick rper out for that, we will find a way to come back or stay, don't worry!))

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Fem!France application

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Fem!France application Empty Fem!France application

Post by Matthew Williams on Thu 29 Mar - 6:39

OC Name: France Bonnefoy
Country representing: France
Age: 26
Student or teacher? Nurse
France is an open minded person; she thinks everyone and everything deserves love and definitely spreads it, sometime by flirting a bit too heavily; she also believes in beauty and loves to discover pretty things, is it in artworks, architecture, nature, or people. She's a bit too shy to show off her own beauty entirely, though she loves the idea of streaking. She never actually did it due to the fact it wasn't really a lady-like thing to do, and being classy is something she especially likes. Though she do have a need to touch things and may have her hands all over you as she talks to you.

She loves the attention people can provide her; she's pretty and she knows it, and will use it to get things to go her way. She loves to flirt, loves to see flustered people, and loves to manipulate them with a small act to have them (or what they have she wants.). She loves to look good and will take more time getting ready, having a certain need to always look perfect.
She's also a sort of drama queen. If she doesn't get what she wants she may throw a tantrum or cry to guilt trip people, plus she will whine often about things.

She's a rather big hypocrite too; she doesn't mind gossiping and spreading rumors behind your back if she doesn't like you, though she'll be all sweet and charming to your face. She will have a certain attitude, telling you what to and not to do, and believe she is superior to you, sometime acting on it. She's selfish in this way. She also tends to think she's always right.

While she acts like a diva most of the time, if times come she needs to do things by herself, she will, and while she'd rather avoid conflicts she knows how to defend herself.She also loves to tease people. She did use to live in the countryside after all, so even if she'll whine about getting dirty, she will do it and try to do it well. However if someone ask her to do a task and she doesn't like it, she will most likely stop in the middle of it to rant about it and go pout in a corner or do something else.
She may also get frustrated about things she can't do well and start crying about it, though it gets a bit embarrassing. It just annoys her greatly not to be able to do something well. If her job somehow doesn't please her, she'll simply decide to go on a strike until something is done about it. And ask to be paid for it too.

France is a rather social person; as stated before, she loves people, and can grow attached to them. When it happens she will most likely spoil them. She have a certain liking for being called "big sister". She's a huge romantic and would love to find her one true love, though she doesn't believe in waiting for them and will go look for them, not really saving herself for them either.She doesn't mind flirting and public display of affections; she may look like a "slut" not minding sleeping around but feels comfortable with it; she is having fun, that's what counts after all.

She tends to act and sound rather carefree but she does feel some pain and may hold grudges for it. She just believes life is easier to go through with a smile. She have a certain passion for cooking as well, mostly because food is an amazing thing in her mind and often can be shared by friends and family. She loves the idea of having her own big family someday, and will invite friends over whenever. She likes to see people happy around a good meal; as they say in her place, "the more there is the better".

France is a really pretty young woman; she worked on it after all. She doesn't work out or anything, which mean she doesn't have a very toned body but her long walks keep her fit. She was lucky to be given a very nicely shaped body by nature, having grown up to a nice height of about 170 cm. She likes to wear high heels to make her legs look better and overall feel taller; it's like being a model to her and she admittedly loves to follow Miss France (she wished to be on it someday but grew out of it.)
She have a diamond shaped face, rather full and usually red and shiny lips (make up does wonder) and a nice fair skin. She do use foundation to hide small imperfections. She have nicely shaped eyes; because of the light they may appear to be of a violet shade but they really are just blue. Her hair are usually held back in a bun to keep up the classy lady appearance; they're a dirty blond kind of color. She especially likes to wear hair accessories reminding people of royalty, since it's a big part of French history she likes and she feels like she should be treated like a princess.

Clothes wise, she usually choses classy things; she also have a certain liking for capes and long flowy skirts. She likes to wear clothes she designed and made herself better too. She thinks the trick to look really perfect is to add small accessories and therefore tends to collect those.
She especially loves to wear lingerie, loving to feel sexy; her favorite fabrics tend to be of the silky kind as well.

History (to see how you translate the country's actual history into your character's background):
France was born in the country side; she grew up taking care of crops and animals, not especially liking it but knowing it was needed. When she wasn't helping her family out, she went to school where boys were rather rough with her. She definitely hated being pushed around by pretty much everyone. She also developed some resentment against British people in general since one of the kids she used to argue with the most was from Great Britain; they kept on wanting the same toys in school, and he eventually managed to ruin one of her dolls (her beloved Jeanne.), which pissed her off to no ends.

It kept on for a while, but she eventually grew up and got out of those childish ways. During her teenage years/middle school, she decided to live a bit more freely, actually having a rather rough few years when she rebelled against her parents, being quite active in the whole social justice thing but it calmed down, thankfully.

She moved to the city to attend High school; during that time she had her glory days, actually learning how to use her pretty face to be popular and well liked, even if she made a few enemies when stealing people's boyfriends/girlfriends. They eventually decided to take her down, almost managing to do so the first time, even if she came back stronger than ever, and finally managing to make her shut up and stop.

After that came a few years of introspection, where she decided to do what would be best for herself and went to university to study something nice and maintain a nicer way of life; she had some big fights with a German woman there but they managed to make up and eventually became good friends, she still exchange letters with her to this day even if they didn't meet up in forever.

She decided to become a school nurse due to nostalgia for her own High School years; she also absolutely love the uniforms, is it the school's or her own nurse one.

Roleplay sample (minimum 200 words):
France huffed a little, finally dropping her way too heavy for her case in front of her soon to be office. She was quite annoyed to be honest; she still had another one waiting for her downstairs, and she didn't feel like fetching it. She had hoped when getting out of the taxi some student would pass by and help her; it was normal to help a lady out after all. But she wasn't lucky today it seemed, which led to her struggling in the corridor to drag her case all the way here. She hoped her room wasn't on the second or third floor too, it'd be hell. Or she could start her job by going on a strike until they let her stay in her own room by the infirmary. Though now she thought of it, it would be the best way to go to lose that job, and she really did want of it.

She sighed, that was what she got for stuffing her cases with so many clothes. She just couldn't live without being fashionable and was afraid this town wouldn't have nice things to sell, so she had gone on a small shopping spree in Paris before getting in her plane, staying here a few days before her departure. She decided to shrug it off, having nobody to complain to anyways, walking back toward her first case, thinking you had to suffer to look good. And with all that suffering she was going through now, with those stupidly heavy cases, she definitely would be the most gorgeous woman in this school.

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Fem!France application Empty Re: Fem!France application

Post by Guest on Thu 29 Mar - 6:51

This all looks fine to me~! So, accepted~! >u<b

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